It is official.
We signed the lease yesterday and put down the deposit for our new place.


There are two bedrooms, a dishwasher, a dining room, attic and basement space, a big back yard, non-coin operated washer and dryer in the basement, bay window, and a tiny 1/4 size bedroom/craft room!!

I finally get some use of my HGTV education.While in Sioux Falls if the TV was on (except for Grey’s Anatomy and Glee) it was ALMOST always on Home and Garden Television. I learned a lot and am super excited to see some of my ideas materialize. I have never decorated my apartments beyond color coding towels with counter tops so this is a big step! 

There is some minor repairs (patching holes, etc) that will be done after the current tenants move out and then the owners will clean the apartment. After that we will be able to move in. They approximate date is July 5th. We will know more as the date gets a little closer and how much they want to do in the apartment.

Most of our belongings are in two storage units this size…

It is a little longer than a normal size couch so it fit our belongings nicely. 

I am excited to have all of our things in the same location again.
I am a little worried to see if everything survived the big adventure.

Here is a look at our current “apartment”
Looking in from the door.
The bump in the blanket is Ben’s anniversary gift. 
The blanket provided a good covering! 

We brought in some of our belongings to store in the room with us.
A lot of paper/super special things like our wedding stuff, keepsakes, paperwork and art pieces.

We brought some other pieces in to make things a bit more like home.
This is Ben’s favorite chair! 
Oh and notice, my fish, Bullwinkle on the desk. He is three years old this month!

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