Hospital Stays, Apartment Winner and The Farm!

Two weeks has gone by since our 1 year anniversary. I had planned on keeping up the blog steam I created after publishing a post every day for over a week. Our Anniversary Weekend was a blast but things turned quickly at the start of the week. Monday went off without a hitch and life was normal but Tuesday morning altered the course of normalcy. 

I was woken up by Mom H early in the morning quickly explaining that I needed to get up because she was taking Raena to the hospital for stomach pains. 

Raena and Mom went to the hospital early Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon surgery was scheduled. Casey and I got to the hospital before the surgery to spend some time with Raena. Ben was a work and Dad H was at a conference in Florida. LONG story short, during surgery they found that Raena had an infection in her belly. She spent Tuesday through Friday in the hospital and we were there every moment we could. After a tough few days (and some not so tasty hospital meals), Raena was discharged Friday evening. Pain didn’t subside much and in addition to other issues.. Raena was back in the ER the following Monday. After spending the day there and some new medication, she was back home! 

Not all of this was bad though… Raena was at the new Children’s Hospital and was given lots of slushies to keep her hydrated and was in a bright and cheerful room. There were many activities for the patients to enjoy and we spent an afternoon up on the 11th floor to visit Buddy from Dinosaur Train. 

We had to find a few ways to entertain Raena and ourselves.
Ben got creative with the whiteboard and replicated the farm he works on. 

A few more of the drawings added throughout the hospital stay.

Here is our good friend Buddy!!
There was a 10 year old boy inside the costume.
He was awesome and danced for us!

In apartment news…

We are moving in about a week. Woohoo!!

The apartment is bigger than we had planned on getting, in a great neighborhood, close to downtown and to the Farmer’s Market, includes free use of a washer and dryer and IN OUR BUDGET!! It is huge and we can’t wait!!! Pictures to follow! 

And now… a few pictures from Ben’s farm. We went to a Dairy Class where we learned how to make ice cream, butter, cream cheese, yogurt and other fun things. Then Ben and I played around at the farm!

Our first stop was to check out where the cows are milked.
Ben demonstrated how this contraption worked but I missed the photo op… 

Raw cow milk! Yum!

My favorite part of the farm (minus the cat named Hillary!)…


The two big brown pigs were hogs and wouldn’t let the little ones eat.

The two tiniest piggies only got to eat when everyone else had their fill.

One pig was extra messy and slurped some goodness on my foot…

Thankfully Ben’s pants provided me with a good way to clean off my foot.

My favorite pig!!

The littlest red ones were my favorite!

Ben has worked hard to create nice homes for these guys.

Then we were off to visit the chickens and their coop.

One of the roosters who were especially beautiful!

The bakery on the farm is named after this rooster, Little Rooster Baking Company

Ben showing me all the chickens that were in the coolest place they could find.


While we were there two chickens got loose. All the other chickens followed the one along the fence like they were egging him on! It was hilarious to watch!

Ben looking proud after returning the runaway chickens to their home.

We made a visit to our garden before heading home.
We spent some time picking strawberries to freeze.

And finally…
another reason why I haven’t been blogging in the last two weeks…

Just when we thought our hospital days were over..

We found out Wednesday early morning that Ben’s Grandpa was in the hospital for stomach pains. After a surgery to remove the aneurysm and a some minor blood issues which turned out to be no issues at all… and Grandpa is back home and recovering well.

SO that is enough of the hospital for us for awhile… We’d be happy to not set foot in the hospital for quite some time now. 

There is a “short” update of our lives in the last two weeks! 

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