Wedding Week: Honeymoon

On Monday, June 13 Ben and I left for our honeymoon. We packed the car up and left bright and early in the morning. 

Some fun facts about your honeymoon:
1. Ben planned the whole thing! It was a surprise to me where we were going. I just know how long we were going to be gone for and about what temperature (so I know what to pack).
2. Our hotel room was upgraded because we were newlyweds!
3. Ben planned very little for us to do. He knew what we could do if we wanted to do it but we did not have a schedule. We slept in most mornings, went to be early most evenings, and decided each morning what we felt like doing each day. We didn’t use our cell phones and only spent time on the Internet to update the blog and read all the messages from our family and friends on Facebook. 

After a VERY long car ride we arrived in…

Ely, Minnesota

Let’s first take a look at the beautiful resort we stayed at. It had a cabin feel and it was perfect!!! Totally us!

Our welcome basket.

HUGE BED! I could roll like 5 times before reaching the end! haha!

We loved the cabin feel.
We only turned on the TV to watch the Soccer World Cup and to check the weather.

Our hotel upgrade got us a jacuzzi in the room!

The beautiful adirondak chairs outside our patio door.

Breathtaking view of the lake.

We enjoyed a lot of delicious beverages and food.
Wine we received as a wedding gift from Ben’s parents.

We ordered room service a couple of times.
We figured it might be the only time we do it! 
This was our first meal we had in Ely.
Ben got a wild rice soup. I got chicken alfredo.
We also got brushetta.

One afternoon we ordered sandwiches and onion poppers.

We watched the sunset with wine and Ben’s favorite beer from Marquette.

We also drank the local root beer we received upon our arrival

We stopped at this little Italian place for lunch.
We ate only at local places.

We ate at The Chocolate Moose, it was a very laid back place with a pricey and unique menu.
Ben got a raspberry beer.
We sat outside on stumps!

My delicious meal that consisted of pears over pork!

Ben’s meal consisted of lamb and couscous

We also spent some time in a variety of other activities that didn’t involve food! 
We watched the sunset on the dock at the lake.

We visited the International Wolf Center.

We played with the outside sculptors.

It was cool seeing the wolves up close!

We played in the Kid’s Area and attached wolf tales to our backside.

We also played in the Wolf’s Den

We did  A LOT of Geocaching with our wedding gift, the GPS!
Ben found our first one!

Signing our first cache!

Ben also found the second one at a coffee shop.
Of course we had to stop in and get some coffee too!

Check out all the goodies!

We spent some time canoeing on the lake behind our resort.

So excited to Geocache!

Enjoying our canoe ride.

Showing off my sweet PFD

I found my first one on an island!

Ben found another one on the island.

We spent some time in the town and found more geocaches!

I was on a roll this day!

Ben found this one on our way back to Michigan.

This one was terrible. The coordinates were way off, it was filled with bugs and other nasty things and ugh…
But I found it on our way out.

Some geocaches could not be found. 

Still super stoked to be married!

As a little gift, Ben bought me a new boyfriend. My man Michael Buble

We spent a night camping with my family in Oconto.
We took them on their first geocache adventure!

My dad found the first one!

Tia and Justin spending some quality time together!

The warm campfire, cool drinks, and beautiful scenery.

We spent some time in Menominee after spending a night camping.
We were ALL addicted to geocaching at this point and headed to Henes Park.

We found two at Henes Park.

Then we found two more at the Menominee Marina.
Ben chatted with this man about geocaching.

Tia took the lead on the next cache!

Then Tia got down and dirty looking for one at another nearby park.

Tia found her first geocache in Marinette near Aunty Wendy’s house!

A trip to Menominee isn’t complete with a Bronco ride!

Then we headed to Door County for my cousin’s wedding!
Waiting for the bride and groom!


All the girl cousins (minus Cassie and Tiffany)

We had WAY too much fun at the reception!


Like I said.. too much fun!!

Then we headed back to Marquette where we met up with Groomsmen Rich who came back for a visit! We took a ton of our friends geocaching, cleaned up our apartment and found a home for all our wedding gifts! Before we knew it life was back to normal and we began our new journey as husband and wife!

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