Wedding Week: Sunday

Our wedding was wonderful but it was so fast paced so we were looking forward to spending a quiet morning/afternoon with our closest family and friends. We did our best to chat with everyone but we had more time on Sunday and we were very thankful for that!

We opened gifts at the same location as the rehearsal dinner to make it easier for gifts, there was a kitchen, plenty of tables, chairs and couches and because there was air conditioning.

Our family arriving at the gift opening location.

We were welcomed by sidewalk chalk on the ground.

The gifts just waiting to be opened!

Another gift in the corner.

Decorations from my bridal shower were reused for this event. My cousin, Noah made the paper chain!

The newlyweds arrived (carrying pickles and pinwheels!)

My mom and I chatting it up a bit!

Preparing to pray before enjoying all the wonderful food laid out before us.

Everyone lining up!

One of the first gifts we received was from our good friend Andy. Ben’s favorite beer and some household goodies for myself, all wrapped in masking tape and newspaper!

My cousin (and Godfather) own this bar and gave us two shirts as a gift!

Beautifully handmade ornaments from my parents. They even had our wedding date on them.

Our guests watching, I love their smiles!

So much love!

The kids gathered up the ribbon and other decorative goodies and made a necklace for me.

A picture frame, don’t worry we replaced that picture with one of us! HAHA

This was a special card that all the men in my family had signed. This gift was for Ben only.

I giggled so much as he opened it. This was truly a surprise!

Ben’s new gift from all the males in my family! He is strapped to me for life!

A cross stitch from Ben’s Grandma.

One of my favorites gifts was a picture frame that included a picture that I have never seen of Ben dipping me at another wedding. They are our family friends, Mandy and Francis! So cool!


A card from a friend who was unable to make it to our wedding. Another wonderful surprise!

Justin (and maybe Tia…) bought us this Precious Moment Figurine but Justin felt it was incomplete. He added some string to make Ben’s beard! Hilarious!

A painting Ben did and gave to his Aunt was now regifted to us! Another unique gift we love!

Beautiful unique wine glasses from Ben’s siblings

Another fun gift from a friend wrapped in a plastic bag, gardening supplies. Gloves, shovels, seeds, soil, and a gorgeous pot!

Lance watches on as we open his gift!

A bible engraved with our names from Ben’s grandparents.

A cooler filled with goodies to cover an outdoor table.
We received another cooler with food and ice packs that we took along with on our honeymoon.

An AWESOME vacuum! 1 year later and I still love!

EW, kissing! 

Our car was tastefully decorated!

Yeah we are married!

I feel like this is as good of time as any to mention our good friend Andy. I mentioned my brother from another mother, Tim, and how helpful he was during our wedding. Well, Andy was also beyond wonderful!  Andy helped us out in so many ways so this is a big shout out to him! I really don’t know how we would have gotten everything done and our wedding would not have gone smoothly without him! We love you Andy!

After we left our brunch with family and friends we started a mini caravan and headed to our apartment. Everyone’s cars were decorated and a lot of honking occurred! 
We had too much fun!

My parents car was filled with our wedding goodies!

The sidewalk outside of our apartment was filled with sidewalk chalk art.

My tenants got a kick out of it!

Unpacking everything!

So much stuff!

I don’t think you can fit much else in this trunk!

After saying goodbye to my parents, we went on our first adventure as husband and wife to try out one of our wedding gifts, a GPS. This was the start to our new hobby, geocaching! Learn more here

Uncle Jake set up the GPS and it brought us to a park.

We met up with Aunty Wendy, Uncle Jake and Mikayla so they could teach us how to geocache.

I found the first one in a spot I must have walked by dozens of times over the years. I wonder how long it has been there?

Uncle Jake teaching us and giving us some tips.

Where or where could the Geocache be, or where or where could it be?

Uncle Jake found this one!

Taking a break from the fun to enjoy the beautiful Black Rocks.

After saying goodbye to the Vieth’s we had dinner with the DeRuischer’s and Meghan and Hudson’s. This is the only picture I have from this little adventure and it is blurry… 
After saying goodbye to our friends we went HOME!

Then in what felt like a dream… our wedding weekend was suddenly over… 
It felt like only moments had passed since our family arrived on Thursday and before we know it, we were married and everyone had gone home. 
We were alone for the first time in days…

And we got home to this….

I fought the urge to clean everything immediately and instead just hung out with Ben.

There was no where to sit in our apartment so Ben grabbed our new chairs, pushed everything over on the floor to make space and set them up. We then spent the evening opening cards and reading the mad libs/”guest book”.

We laughed, we cried and we cherished the moment. 

On Monday we set off for our honeymoon!!

Here is my final post as a set off to get married.

Tomorrow is our first anniversary and wedding week will conclude, until next year!

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