Wedding Week: Reception Part II

After all the scheduled events were completed; grand entrance, dinner, speeches, first dances, cake cutting, etc., it was time for the real party to begin!

Some fun facts about the rest of our reception:
1. I don’t know if more than 30 seconds that went by that the dance floor didn’t have someone on it! There were times that I feel like there were more people on the dance floor then anywhere else! 
2. Ben and I had not had one moment alone all day so we found our chance during the reception. The back part of the reception was empty so we both laid on the floor and just enjoyed the moment!
3. We stayed until the very end of our reception. Then we snuck off to our hotel room. By the time we left most of the decorations were already down. 

Now here are some pictures of everyone showing off their best dance moves throughout the even; including a dance performance by cop, Mark and my brother, Justin to Elton John’s, “Tiny Dancer.”

Ben and I rocked out early in our reception to Journey!
Thanks Taj to probably my favorite picture ever!

Jonah, Noah and Logan each had a special request during the reception.
This was Jonah’s song by Black Eyed Peas, “Imma Be.”

Aunty Jodi and Aunty Sandy break it down!

The cousins take over the dance floor!

Bust a move!

My family loves to polka! So at least one polka song was a must!
Roll out the barrel

The Gangs All Here!!

Boots with the Fur! Low Low Low Low

The dancing got a little intense so an inhaler was necessary

Uncle Bob enjoyed the decorations on our table!

I was shocked to see so many people enjoying each others company…

Dance it out!

Even the youngest kids got in some polka

Even Grandma busted a dance move

Then of course we had to play the Cha Cha Slide, a crowd favorite

Clap clap clap your hands

Family dance time

Justin and my mother in law

Taking it down a notch. 

Teaching everyone the cupid shuffle

As the evening wore on, the dancing continued
Grandma Judy and Taj still going strong

Dance circle!

This was when Justin stole the party! 🙂

We had SO much fun!

The night wasn’t over. More adventures were to be had as the evening continued. We left the reception around 11pm then headed to the hotel. 

Some fun facts about after the reception:
1. We snuck away from the reception to spend a relaxing evening in a hotel room paid for by my parents. We love our family but were thankful to sneak away from them for a bit but when we got into the hotel room we were greeted by most of our wedding guests… awkward…
2.  Tia (Justin’s girlfriend), Tim (brother from another mother!) and my mom got into our hotel room before we did and left a few of our favorite adult beverages in the fridge, some flowers, rose petals on the floor and bed and filled our bath tub up with water and stuck a bride and groom rubber duck in the water! It was so cute and made us feel more at home!
3. On our wedding night, Ben ran downstairs to the lobby soaking wet and half dressed. For more on this story read below! 🙂

Tia placing flower petals all over the room.

Tim putting the rubber bride and groom ducks in the tub!

Gerbera daisies, beef jerky (our favorite snack!) and some of our favorite drinks (the rest were in the fridge!)

This maybe a little too much information but it is a funny story that must be shared. 
Read at your own risk. 

After a long day and a sweat-filled evening of dancing, we decided to take a shower. The bathroom door was left open and the steam from the shower set off the smoke detector outside the bathroom. We freaked out! Ben threw on some clothes over his wet body and ran downstairs. Of course, some wedding guests witnessed Ben, half dressed, drenched and panicking speaking to the front desk. A hotel employee had to come into our room and wanted to change out the smoke detector but when he realized it was our wedding night he just took that one down and let us be. Where was I? Hiding in the bathroom! haha

So the bottom line…
Ben and I are ONE HOT COUPLE! 
Our love is so hot that we set off the smoke detector! 

My 2nd to last post as a single lady was written 365 days ago. I described our plans for the day here


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