Wedding Week: Ceremony

After doing the cupid shuffle with my dad and watching our bridal party disappear, I stepped into the view of all our family and friends. I met the eyes of Ben’s Uncle who I have never met, my 2nd grade teacher, the family I spent three summers as their nanny, college friends, and then realized I needed to make eye contact with Ben! I avoided his eyes until I was half way down the aisle because I worried he would cry and he did. Ben eyes were bursting with love and my eyes instantly filled with the tears I promised myself would not fall! I again looked around and took in the moment, watching all our family and friends with huge smiles and watery eyes. I have never felt so much love in such a small space. All I wanted to do was run and leap into Ben’s arms but I refrained myself and tried to display that much love through my eye contact with my future husband. 

Some fun facts about our Ceremony:
1. Our bridesmaid, Lauren, was newly pregnant and did not feel well during our ceremony. Thankfully there was a bench nearby that she could sit on and still see us get married! After sitting down for a few minutes, she was as good as new! 🙂
2. The Pastor, was my Pastor throughout my childhood and the husband of my 2nd grade teacher. He was just as emotional through our ceremony as we were. 
3. My poor dress was stepped on by so many people at our wedding. haha. I was so afraid I was going to try and walk as they were stepping on my dress and fall flat on my face! But I didn’t!

Ben was filled with love!

I was so proud to walk with my dad!

Saying our vows!

Ben saying his vows!

I didn’t remember doing this until I saw the evidence. 

My Pastor blessing us.

I love our faces at the moment we were declared husband and wife. 

*Deep sigh* We are married!

One big smile for my mom!

Hugs for my daddy!

Mommy hugs!

So proud to have them as my in-laws!

So many hugs!! My cheeks ached from smiling!

One of my favorite pictures!

Then everyone headed out and had some fun with the bubbles we provided!
They were waiting for…

My Uncle Tom caught some incredible moments, better than our photographers! 🙂

I love the bubbles!

I was giddy!

Going in for the big kiss!!!

Another magical moment!!! 

Then we took pictures… many pictures….

Some pictures were totally typical of my family!

This was a great day to take pictures of those nearest and dearest to us!

And of course, some humorous moments were caught on camera as well!

You know it’s true love when we both make the same silly face in a photo! haha

A shot of the back of my dress, veil and hair.

My family including my brother from another mother, Tim!

All of the kids who played a special role!

Lydia, the flower girl!

It’s blurry but such a cute picture!

The bridal party!

While we took pictures, everyone else kept busy by taking some fun pictures too!
Logan and YaYa

Justin and Tia! 

Aunty Lisa and Mandy

Little Miss Addison

Aunty Ju

(Another blurry one) Complete Happiness!!

After the pictures were taken at the church, we went off to our favorite spot. The spot were Ben and I first fell for one another and where he proposed, Little Presque Isle, to take pictures with the bridal party. We then headed to our reception to dance the night away!

One year ago today, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our family, eating mass amounts of chocolate, and recapping my first week at my new job. Read more here.


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