Wedding Week: Preparing to say "I Do"

The big morning had finally arrived. I spent the evening with my bridesmaids; chitchatting, painting nails, and drifted off to sleep next to my soon to be sister-in-laws. 

Ben spent the evening with the guys in our apartment eating leftover wings from the rehearsal dinner, playing video game and introducing the guys to the local brewing company. 

The next morning was very calm. I was surprised how stress-free I was. I guess I just knew that whatever happened (or didn’t happen) during the day didn’t matter. I just knew that at the end of the day I would be married to my one and only. 

Some fun facts about preparing to say “I Do”:
1. It was raining/sprinkling moments leading up to our wedding but not a drop fell after. 
2. While my morning was calm – Ben and the boys had to rush clean up our apartment from their fun evening! 
3. The last thing I did before walking down the aisle was to dance out the jitters with my dad. We did the cupid shuffle! Thankfully our photographer caught this moment! 

Mom H making the final alterations on the flowers. 

A goofy picture for Groomsmen, Lance

Justin and Tia taking a break and having some lunch; subs and chips!

Aunty Tracy, a Mary Kay Consultant, did my make-up! We spent a few sessions planning my make-up!

New Friends, beautiful and ready for the wedding! Both in dresses made by their grandmother!

The boys are looking sharp! They had to bring all their belongings out to the car before the wedding. 

Mom and Son! Pictures were taken before the wedding and it was fun to look back and what was happening while I was getting ready!

Lance arrived, he rode his bike!

Lauren, bridesmaid, brought Meghan to help with her daughter, Addison. Meghan kept Addison busy so Mom and Dad could do their wedding duties. 🙂

The dress is ready!!! 

Hair and Make-up done and ready for the dress!

My beautiful bridesmaids all helped me and so did Mandy. 
It was so special to me that so many people played a role in our wedding!

Lauren helped me with the final touches; garter and shoes. Lydia, flowergirl, helped me with my shoes too!

Tim has been like another brother to me. He also played a big role on our wedding day. In this picture Tim carried all our purses to the cars! What a trooper!

 Church is ready for us!!

The ring bearers are ready too! Their mom, Mandy, picked out their outfits! I thought they were super adorable!

Deep breath… Preparing to walk into the church!

Moments before I walked down the aisle I remembered something important,
WE FORGOT TO PUT ON MY VEIL! No one was in the room with me except for the photographer. The photographer ran out and got my mom. We quickly put on the veil, slowing only a moment to take a picture. Then my mom ran out to head down the aisle!
Now I am finally ready! ❤

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