Wedding Week: Rehearsal Dinner and Into the Evening

After the bridal party showed up the rehearsal went well. Almost all the decorations for the church and reception location were complete. Then Ben and I spent a few more hours together before saying goodbye until I met him at the alter. 

Some fun facts about the rehearsal dinner:
1. We had Aubrees, a local restaurant where Ben and I shared many meals and memories together. It is our favorite place to eat and we wanted our family to experience the deliciousness! 
2. For most of our family members this was the first time they had met so I loved just taking a seat and looking around as our families collided! Our cousins became friends instantly and that was one of my favorite memories from our wedding.
3. I had on a cute little dress but I FROZE in the air conditioning and wore a jacket the whole night. 

The location. One of the apartments on Campus has a big Multi-Purpose Room. 

We spent our last few hours together surrounded by all the people we love so much!

Families collide! 

The boys playing with their Groomsmen gifts!

There were some precious moments. Like this one when Ben gave Justin his gift. 

This is one of my favorite moments, although it is quite blurry. 

New friends were made! 

Logan found a creative way to play with his gift!

Raena, Lydia and Erin reading Lydia’s Flowergirl present. 

It was quite chilly in the room but I was thankful for the AC!

After the rehearsal and dinner Ben and I said goodbye for the evening. Ben and the boys (groomsmen and even his Uncle from California) went off for a night of bachelorhood at our apartment. I went back with my parents to the hotel to spend my last night as a bachlorette with my bridesmaids. 

Some fun facts about the rest of the evening:
1. I was a bit shocked entering the hotel to find almost my entire family was there. Everywhere you looked I found more of my family. They took over the pool, lobby and breakfast room. Family who had not seen each other for a while were catching up with quiet conversations, games were being played, and a lot of swimming was also done! 
2. I made a poor decision and ended up with a funny tale to tell….. (picture can be found below)
3. We had arranged the table place settings before the wedding weekend but due to some issues (crammed tables that couldn’t fit as many as we were told…), my mom and aunts had to make more table runners and label all the place cards the night before the wedding!!! YIKES! It was a big job but they pulled it off!

Great Grandma and one of her many Great Grandchildren, Kaitlyn

Riopelle, Vieth, and Cole Pool Party! 

Candy, Drinks and Games!

Family catching up after not seeing each for a while.

Mini Hotel Room Parties were occurring with family members doing super secret wedding surprises. 

More fun with games! 

My Aunt bought me a scrapbook and many items to use in it! 
I am hoping to get started on it this summer!!
The book is beautiful!

And the mishap……..
My soon-to-be-sisters-in-law and I used tanning wipes the night before our wedding. We were told, read the directions and don’t miss anything! Well…. as you can see… we did! We were streaky and pretty orange. By morning you couldn’t tell too much expect if you looked at my hands, they were pretty nasty looking! lol. It wasn’t that big a deal, how many of you even noticed? 🙂

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