Sunshine and Summertime!

My playlist this morning….

Faith Hill: Sunshine and Summertime
Jessica Andrews: Sunshine and Love
Frank Sinatra: Summer Wind
New Kids on the Block: Summertime
Rascal Flatts: Summertime
Phil Vassar: Six Pack Summer
Grease: Summer Nights
and Kenny Chesney

It is officially summer!
The sun is hot, drinks are cold, flip flips, skirts and tanks are out in full force! Ben and I went for our first bike ride last night to Eric and Lauren’s and rode back in the dark. It was a beautiful night for a bike ride! 

I am looking forward to going to the Zoo with the DeRuischer’s, completing the To Do List Raena and I created, visiting the Meijer Gardens, watching cousins play baseball, attending some festivals, biking, rollarblading, gardening, Alyssa and Bill’s wedding and spending some time on the beach… 

Okay, okay. This isn’t a beach in Grand Rapids but a girl can dream! 
What are you most excited for this summer!

One thought on “Sunshine and Summertime!

  1. Hey Mr. and Mrs.,Wow girl, you listened to a lot of 'summer' songs this morning! I can't believe that there are soo many songs with summer in the title! We don't have any summer plans made yet, just ppl coming to visit us. But over the starting weekend of summer I organized a family reunion of sorts. It was the Centennial of our family owning the farm! It was really neat; I made a family tree dating back to the 1700's, found old things in the farm house that were common every day things and displayed them. My grandma made a few picture boards of what people looked like in the past.. There were fireworks and a big bonfire….. Wish I were at that beach swimming and drinking margaritas with ya!!

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