American Idol

I have never watched American Idol. In fact I kind of made it a point not to watch it. Not that I didn’t want to watch as these singers took their shot at becoming a star but I really did not like the judges. My parents came to visit us a few months back and they watch American Idol. After watching one week.. I was hooked! I loved listening to everyone and quickly found my favorites. I spent an hour on Wednesday and another hour on Thursday texting with my Aunty Jodi, cousin Kaitlyn, Mom and Aunty Lisa. We cried together, yelled at the TV, and cheered on our favorites!!! 

My favorites were kicked off before the finale but I feel like both Scotty and Lauren are also amazing and deserve to be American’s Next Idol! 

Here are my favorites this season!!! 

Kicked off pretty early but still going on tour!
It was a shock to everyone when she was kicked off!

Mr. James Durbin!
James has turned me into a Metal fan! 🙂
He is extremely talented and although he was kicked off in the surprise of the season, he will go FAR!

And my favorite…
Casey Abrams had it all – personality, stage presence, and a great voice! 
He was so fun to watch and I will be buying his future CDs!

Anyone else watch Idol this season? 
Who were your favorites?

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