Lots of BIG news in a tiny post

Here is a tiny post of all the BIG things happening in our life…

1. Ben got a job in Grand Rapids, his dream job on a family-owned, organic farm learning all that he wants to learn! We are moving to GR in just a few days. This means living near our family and friends! 

2. I graduated college!! I am officially a college graduate. I was not able to make it back for the graduation ceremony but I had a wonderful graduation ceremony and party with my students, teacher and aide. 

3. The weather is beautiful! We kinda skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer. From rainy and 50s to sunny, hot and 80s! I haven’t gotten out much to enjoy the weather but will be able to do so soon!

4. I am so excited for not only the changes happening in our lives but in the lives of all of my friends as I watch them preparing to graduate, searching for dream jobs, getting engaged, married, having children. Even though I am not able to be near all my friends I am thankful for things like Facebook and cell phones so I can keep up with everyone! 


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