We are still here!!

No worries. We are still here – just oober busy!! Cover letters, resumes, portfolios, applications are taking up my life! That along with all the end of the year/college papers and assignments that need to be finished. I’m in good shape but I am working hard to keep up! Thankfully the work for student teaching has died down a bit so I have a little more time (but not energy lol) to work on other things to propel my career!

I will be taking a bit a break again from the blog so I can concentrate on finishing up strong!!!

But before that a quick update:
My parents came to visit and we had the most amazing time!! We went to the mall, butterfly house, the falls and other touristy places. They were here for about a week and it was so great having them around!! 

Ben is still working hard – working 13 hours a day for 5 straight days and then a 15-hour day the following day! Yikes!! 

I will be doing my last supervisor evaluation this week – the end is near!!

Ben and I are hoping for a little 1-year anniversary vacation that we will take in a month before my summer job starts up! We want to visit the Badlands and other SD must see places!


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