Life Update!

Can you tell graduation is right around the corner?
I feel like every moment I have is spent altering my resume, cover letter, letter of introduction, etc., working on homework, finishing up work for the college organizations that I am involved in, applying for jobs and still staying very busy with Student Teaching. 

Ben has also been super busy: he works 15 hours today, 13 Monday, and 13 Tuesday and that isn’t even including the rest of the week and other things on his plate.

Thankfully we got a much needed break this weekend when one of our best friends (and groomsmen), Rich, came to visit!!

He usually works on Saturday and had the day off so he came up late Friday night. Ben worked for half the day on Saturday but Rich and I went to visit him at the Children’s Museum. Then the rest of our time together was filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies, games, laughter, purple potatoes, wine, beer from Marquette, tears, ice cream, and lots of love! 

It was so nice to get a break from every day life and to have our first visitor! My parents are coming up on Saturday evening so we get more visitors this weekend! My parents will be visiting for almost a week. 

This week will be a rough one for both of us with Ben working a ton and as I try to finish up some big projects  before my parents arrive. But life is soooo good and we are sooo blessed! Here’s to another great week! 


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