Our Apartment

Well after (almost) 3 months, I finally remembered to put up the pictures of our apartment that I took months ago. Things have changed a little bit as we have settled in but here is a good idea of what our place looks like. None of our furniture matches, we use milk crates for storage, most of our furniture is hand-me-downs, and we sleep on an air mattress that is placed on top of a futon so to sum it up – our apartment is PERFECT! 🙂

Our apartment complex


Entryway / Pantry
Moving directly to the left of the door.

 Spice Cabinet – I love this feature of our apartment. It used to hold an ironing board but was converted into storage. 
The drawers pull out – perfect for holding pans and tupperware!
The cabinets are HUGE and SO TALL! 

Moving directly to the right of the door.
Office/Dining Room/Living Room
I love the huge windows. 
Ben’s attempt at dividing the room is by using milk crates and boards. Works for us! 🙂
Moving into the Living Area. 
 Ben set up the apartment and I unpacked and organized our belongings to fit the set-up. 
The is my parent’s old couch that they gave to us. 

This photo is taken when I was standing where the living room begins.
That doorway leads to our entryway and then to the kitchen.

Standing next to the couch looking at the front part of the apartment.
The single door is a coat closet and the double doors is the office (really big closet!)

This is what you see when you open the double doors. My office and favorite “room!”
This is the hallway that begins right before our living room off to the right. 
This is the “man” hallway. Ben’s posters line the wall and his belongings fill the cabinets located in the hallway.

 That is the bathroom!
Ben’s camping items fill the cabinet and I took over some of the drawers for items that didn’t fit in the kitchen!
Our bathroom which is located next to our bedroom, at the end of the hallway. It is really out-of-date and is my least favorite room but I’ve gotten used to it. 
 I love all the storage space!

Our hodge-podge bedroom! We have little storage for our clothes so we had to be creative! 🙂

The right side of the bedroom. 
 The closet is actually really long and we use the back end to store totes. 

Bed and homemade dressers. One was made by Ben and the other made by Ben’s brother, Casey as a wedding gift. We love them! 
 And that wraps it up! The door closer to the middle of the picture takes us back out into the hallway again. 
 I hope you enjoyed our lovely home! 
Feel free to come and see it in person! 🙂

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