Christmas Crafts

I’ve left you in anticipation for weeks… here it is, 2 months later, the Christmas crafts….

I bought fun colored canvas bags and painted various objects on them keeping a nature theme. 
A super easy project but I love how they turned out.  

 Cookie Cutter Art. I used cookie cutters on an art canvas to create a unique piece of art for the DeRuischer’s little girls. Then I painted the first letter of their name on the corners. 

 For Secret Santa I drew my friend, Kelly. I made her a bag, made her a door sign to help her remember to grab her keys (she always locked herself out), painted a picture frame (I put a real picture in later), and our traditional gift – Hershey’s!

 I had so much fun painting the bags above that I made a few more! 

 I made ornaments for the adults in my family. These were made out of felt, ribbon and some hot glue. 

 I love how they turned out!

 Another painted bag!

 I made hand warmers for the kids using rice. 
My cousins take the bus to school so this way they can stay nice and warm! 

I made melting snowman cookies! Yum!

I already have a list of ideas ready for crafting projects for next Christmas!! 

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