Ben’s Job Luck!!

Ben has the BEST JOB LUCK EVER!!

A few summers ago (2009) Ben really wanted to live in Marquette for the summer. He searched for jobs and couldn’t find anything. We packed up our belongings and prepared to say that dreaded goodbye. We wouldn’t be able to see each other for 2 months. We had about 20 minutes before Ben and I had to say goodbye when BAM Ben received a phone call offering him a job in Marquette. He made one phone call and had a place to live. Within two weeks he got a live in position on campus so he took that job too. 

This past fall Ben was struggling once again finding a job. He wanted one that he could walk/ride his bike to. Campus wasn’t hiring anywhere and he began to get frustrated. One trip to the Housing Office and they offered him a job. Unfortunately it didn’t work with his class schedule so the woman said she would send out a notice to everyone with Ben’s information. And BAM Ben was quickly offered a job in his old building as a student custodian. 

When we got to Sioux Falls, Ben did not have a job. The first few weeks were spent filling out applications and following up with the different businesses. They all were saying the same thing, we aren’t hiring until March. Ben was very disappointed. Then his luck changed and BAM he was offered a job as a InterActor at the Children’s Museum, BAM a job at the Boy’s Ranch (both jobs he really wanted!) and BAM a job at Culver’s! He took the first two positions and he will begin at the Boy’s Ranch on the 15th. 

Good things really do happen to good people! 🙂
I hope his good job fortune continues for the rest of his life! 

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