Christmas: Part 1

Ben and I were spoiled this Christmas. We received so many wonderful gifts and had so much fun seeing the special things that our family and friends picked out for us. I love Christmas and the thought that goes into it. I wanted to share with you a few gifts that I was blessed with at Christmas. By the time I thought about taking pictures of my gifts most of them were already put away but I did snap a few pictures.

But first, here is a few pictures of our first Christmas tree!! 

With the chaos of everything we never bought a tree so we made our own using crepe paper! 
 Our beautiful tree!
 We put up some of our ornaments (the ones that wouldn’t break!) and put our presents under the tree. 

Now on to the gifts, just a few of the many that we received. 
 A calendar from the DeRuischer’s filled with pictures of their family with important dates labeled like our 1 year wedding anniversary. 
Some goodies for our kitchen.
 A housewarming gift from Ben’s parents. 
 A rip stick from the Kruithof’s.
 Housewarming gift from my parents. 
 Lots of recipe books! I love them all!
 We bought a new computer with our Christmas money and with money Ben received for Graduation.
 Notepads for every season!
 Ben got a firesafe security box! We really needed one!
 A cute little laundry money holder filled with money!
Flannel sheets!!! Drying in our apartment because we don’t use the dryer, it costs 50 cents and we are cheap! 🙂

Told you we were spoiled!

I also am working on a post filled with some of the Christmas crafts I made this year! 


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