Quick Update!!

Hello everyone!! 
Thanks for bearing with me on my blog vacation.

The last few weeks have been so wonderful and I really focused on spending as much time with my family as possible. I took a break from the internet and even my beloved camera. I soaked in every second of my vacation. I read a lot, slept in until noon, didn’t get dressed until 3pm, spent countless hours playing games, reading and relaxing. 

After a week and half with our families and 30 hours in the car, Ben and I spent my last weekend before student teaching by being very lazy. It was very nice!! We did visit a church on Sunday but then crawled back into bed for an afternoon of reading and again – relaxing! 

My first week of Student Teaching was beyond amazing! The days are long I leave the house at 7am and get back home around 4pm, then dinner, preparing for the next day and on top of everything I’ve been fighting a pretty bad cold – yet I wouldn’t change anything!! 

Right now I am only responsible for the read-aloud part of the day where I read for 20 minutes each day and then I have picked up smaller responsibilities like bringing the students to their bathroom break, staying in for recess to work with students individually and in small groups, etc. Next week I pick up Spelling which occurs three times a week and then every week I pick up a subject or two so that I am teaching all day in a few weeks. I’m so excited! My teacher is amazing and while I am nervous I know she will help prepare me to lead the class well! 

Ben is getting pretty antsy. He is still looking for work and spending his days doing just that! Pray that we hear good news soon! 

Other than that our friend Rich is coming to visit us tonight! It will be so nice to see a familiar face and to spend some time catching up with a good friend we haven’t seen in a few months! 

Watch for a Christmas post soon filled with photos of all the goodies we got for Christmas! 


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