11 Fun Facts!

At the start of the New Year I saw a lot of blogs that were doing something clever with the number 11. I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jessica (Unless You’re My Mother!)

So without further ado:

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jessica!

1. I really dislike vegetables! I just really started eating a few veggies this year and now salads too!

2. I can’t drive/ride through a tunnel without thinking of Princess Di’s death. 

3. My toenails are ALWAYS painted. I think I’ve gone a day or two without them painted for as long as I can remember. 

4. I LOVE Blow Pops but would never buy a bag of them because I can eat through an entire bag in a day if I had one around the house. 

5. I would love to be a veterinarian. 

6. I love the name Bindy! It is the name of Steve Irwin’s daughter and I think it is the coolest name! It also happens to be one of my nicknames. 

7. I can’t go to bed with the closet door open. 

8. I fear someone cutting off my toes if they hang off the end of a bed. 

9. I have dated two guys named Ben. Only married one though! 🙂

10. I am a murderer. My pet hamster had babies and I was holding one in my hand and it rolled off and fell to the ground. He didn’t make it. This memory haunts me!

11. I REALLY want a horse!

Now tell me a fun fact about you!!!! 


2 thoughts on “11 Fun Facts!

  1. My Dad gave me the nickname "Schmonkey" (Meghan is "Beaner", Rileigh is "Zoom Zoom", and Aidan is Mr. Man). How/why he came up with these I have no idea but this is the first time they've ever been mentioned outside the family, lol!Ironically I can't sleep with the bedroom door closed but the closet doesn't bother me. I don't like to eat certain vegetables because of the texture (or the crunch) even if I like the flavor (same thing for fruit). I HATE not having my toenails painted. I killed a lot of goldfish in my day. My first goldfish was named "La-la-le-lou Pretty, Pretty Princess" :)Ok, so that's more than one but I thought this was a fun idea 🙂

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