Blog Vacation

Hello everyone!!
Sioux Falls is wonderful. We love our apartment and the city isn’t as big or crazy as I had imagined. I’ve been snapping pictures of our new place and the progress we’ve made but I’m unable to put my pictures on my computer. Something is wrong and I don’t know what!! So I’ll continue taking pictures but won’t be able to get them up until I get access to my parent’s computer with a card reader. 😦 

I found out my student teaching placement and I’ll spend the semester in a 4th grade classroom! I will be spending some time in the classroom tomorrow and I can’t wait. From the one e-mail I received from the teacher she sounds fun, lots of exclamation points in her e-mail! 🙂

Ben is trying to find a job here in Sioux Falls. It is a slow process right now because we are also busy finishing up our Christmas shopping, unpacking and organizing our apartment and setting up specific apartment related things – Internet, setting up an account with the power company, etc. On top of all that he is fixing up his resume and applying for jobs. 

Ben and I as of right now are planning on leaving to visit my hometown on Monday. Monday will be a travel day, we’ll spend Tuesday and Wednesday with my family. Thursday will be another travel day as we head to Ben’s hometown. Then we’ll spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday there visiting family and the DeRuischer’s. We’ll head back home on Monday. 

We still don’t have internet at home so our internet access is very limited. I think I will have to take a bit of a blog vacation for a bit to catch up on everything and to really enjoy the time we have with our family. After Christmas I’ll have some crafts to show you that I’ve been working on for Christmas gifts and I’ll have lots of pictures of our apartment!! 

Until next time.. 


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