A Wonderful Surprise!

We’ve been in the hotel since around noon today and well there is only so much you can do to occupy your time. Ben didn’t bring much to do besides a book so he was feeling kinda antsy. He picked up a shovel and shoveled the sidewalk in front of the hotel. He has done this a couple times tonight because he was bored. 

While we were sitting in the lobby a woman came over and asked what room we were in. Ben and his dad went to the desk wondering if something was wrong. The desk receptionist was on the phone with her manager and told him about Ben. He said Ben deserves a free room! So… Ben’s boredom got us a free room!!!! 

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise!

  1. Tell Mom and Dad that they should pick a different month to help us kids move! When I moved to NM in December 2006 we ran into a closed interstate due to a blizzard. Great fun! Hang up there! I'm praying for you guys! I just hope the storm passes soon for you guys and that weather holds next weekend. Love, Eryn

  2. Way to go Ben! That's so awesome 🙂 I'm sorry you guys had to make a little detour but hopefully the weather will let up soon. Thinking of you guys and praying for you constantly. Love you!

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