Minor Setback

Hello everyone,
This isn’t the post I expected to be writing. I thought I’d be telling you about our apartment, about all the progress that we made unpacking everything and about the beautiful city of Sioux Falls. That post will have to wait until tomorrow because….


Just under six months ago Ben and I were arriving in Minnesota with new rings on our fingers and hearts so big we thought they’d burst at any moment. The weather was beautiful and our drive was filled with many little pit stops because we weren’t in any sort of time crunch. 

Today we arrived in Minnesota with all of our belongings in a U-Haul and hearts saddened by our departure from the UP. The weather is…. AWFUL! I can’t recall a time where the weather was this terrible. The wind, cold and snow can truly be defined as a BLIZZARD! 

We are about 130ish miles from Sioux Falls. We were forced off the Interstate when it was shut down and led us a city called, Blue Earth. We couldn’t see a thing and all the roads are closed so the first hotel we found we reserved a room. 

We have been chilling in the lobby of this hotel chatting with others who are unexpectedly spending the night here too. A restaurant employee, mail man, and others have walked through the door and have added some excitement to this relaxing evening. I really feel like I’m in a Lifetime movie. A family stranded during the holidays in a hotel filled with all sorts of interesting characters to add some excitement to the plot. (Okay, maybe I’ve just been watching too many holiday movies on Lifetime…)

There have been a few varying weather reports so we don’t know exactly what is going on. Some reports say that things should slow down late tonight and roads should be open in the morning and others aren’t as optimistic. We’ll see what happens but I know at some point we will be in Sioux Falls! 

Until then, keep us in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Minor Setback

  1. Praying for you all to have a safe trip. What a way to start an "adventure" hey?!?! Was waiting to have to guess where you are and try to win another prize….LOL Be safe. Love to all

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