We are preparing to make our big move to South Dakota, with only 18 days until we leave, things are getting pretty hectic. 
Both Ben and I got SLAMMED with extra homework today. Assignments that were not expected and will take more time then we’d like but life is good.

  • We leave for GR tomorrow.
  • We get to meet baby Erin on Wednesday and see Lauren, Eric and Addison!
  • We received a phone call yesterday saying we got the apartment we wanted. 
  • We’ve made some serious progress on cleaning and packing up the apartment. 
  • Tomorrow is Ben’s last day of work and I’ve only got one more shift at work. 
  • Today was my last day of undergraduate classes, ever…. 
  • I’ll have all of my CA paperwork done for the semester tonight!

(One of these days I’ll get my computer fixed so I can put up pictures on this blog again… on a day where I have a free moment… There are so many I would like to share)


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