Happiness. Pure Happiness.

Today has been so wonderful and I’ve been in the BEST mood. 

It didn’t start out that way. Both Ben and I were not feeling very well this morning.  Ben missed a class and I thought I might have to too. 

But things turned quickly. 

I had my last Integration of the Arts class. The day was filled with music; singing and playing various instruments. It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed the company of my classmates. 

Then shortly after I got home I found out that Lauren was in the hospital and in labor!! 

I ran some errands and got  some supplies to make some more Christmas gifts. 

Then I had a wonderful meeting with my boss where I found out my survey results. 72/73 tenants took a survey where they answered questions about me and the area that they live in. My results are even better than last semester and I couldn’t be happier!! I reached all my CA goals this year. 

My happiness caught on to others throughout the day. I was told by the mailman that I should be NMU’s student of the week (because of a small favor I did for an old tenant) and a random student told me that it is amazing how happy I always am! This made my day and made me even happier! I noticed people are super friendly when I’m in a SUPER happy mood. 

I got home from work and shortly after I got the phone call I had been waiting for from Eric saying baby Erin was born at 5:45pm this evening. She is a beautiful, dark haired, 6lb 15oz, 19in, perfect baby girl. A few pictures have already been uploaded online and it is amazing to see how much Erin looks like her big sister, Addison! 

These pictures are so beautiful!! 

The evening continued with a Christmas Bake-A-Thon with a few good friends. I made smores’ bars and started candy cane spiral sugar cookies. On the agenda for tomorrow, more sugar cookies! 

Now I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and about to work on Christmas gifts. 


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