A Hunting We Will Go

Ben and Rich (one of our groomsman) have traveled out to Sioux Falls to look at apartments. 

Here was the original plan:
Thursday Ben drove to Rich’s apartment in Minnesota.
Friday they spent the day looking at apartments and getting to know the town a bit.
Saturday, they were going to look at a few more places and Ben was going work on getting a job. Then they were driving back to MN to spend the night.
Sunday, Ben comes home.

BUT.. I am an IDIOT! I have a HUGE test tomorrow that will determine if I will get my teaching certificate. I need to show my license.. but I gave it to Ben along with our credit card in case he needed it for the application process.

So less than an hour ago I realized this and now Ben and Rich are on their way home right now so that I will have my license in time. 

This was such a silly move on part. The exam costs $75 and I have to take it here so I’d have to drive the 13 hours to get back here for a test that lasts about an hour. I’m thankful that things seem to be working out but I feel so terrible that Ben’s weekend of SD stuff and hanging out with Rich is cut short.

Ben made some serious progress on the apartment hunt. It looks like they have narrowed it down to house-type apartment that has 5 apartments in it. Ben wasn’t able to get any pictures (he was going to do that tomorrow, Saturday, but now he can’t) but he seems to be in love with it so I’m sure I will be too! 

Ben said they saw some pretty sketchy apartments today and some great ones that were just a tad bit expensive for our budget. Ben is going to create a sketch of the layout and I’ll be sure to put it up when I get it. 🙂 

Pray for safe travels for Ben and Rich (they might run into a snowstorm in MN)!


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