Thankful Thursday

I’ve had a bit of a rough week but there is truly so much to be thankful for this week. 

I’m thankful…

  • that Meghan’s full body scan came back showing no other signs of cancer.
  • we did have some extra money saved away in case of emergencies and we were able to pay the large amount of money to get our car fixed. 
  • for the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing! Mid 50s all week!
  • that Ben gets to spend the weekend with his best friend looking at apartments in Sioux Falls. 
  • to be catching up on homework.
  • for a friend who always knows the right thing to say.
  • for Thanksgiving break that begins in 12 days!!
Here’s to a productive weekend filled with packing, homework, working, taking my final education exam, and cleaning!  Oh and watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 4! 🙂

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