Prayer Requests

I have two special prayer requests.

Meghan, is our best friend’s “little” sister. Lauren (a bridesmaid at our wedding and her husband, Eric, was our best man). Three years ago she battled osteosarcoma and won the fight. Last week a mass was discovered in her lung and it was removed on Friday. The results of the biopsy came in today and it was osteosarcoma. Meghan and Lauren’s mom began a blog back when Meghan was diagnosed the first time and I encourage you to read it. Right now things are looking up and pending the results of a full body scan it looks like the cancer was isolated and Meghan will not have to go through chemo treatments. 

Meghan and her family are very special to us and I know many of you met them at our wedding and would like to be aware of what is happening to our good friends.

You can find the blog here. (click on the colored word)

(I snagged this picture from Lauren’s Facebook)

My sister-in-law Eryn also could use a few prayers. She has been sick for awhile (strep throat) and is also encountering some challenges at work. Please keep her in your prayers too. 


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