The last few days have been rough in terms of sleep. Theoretically I should be getting enough sleep but I toss and turn throughout the night and when the alarm goes off I feel like I haven’t slept at all. I’m usually the type of person who hops out of bed when the alarm goes off and jumps right in the shower, eager to start the day. Well, not lately. Ben puts the alarm on snooze and we fall back into half sleep/half awake mode for another 10 minutes… or sometimes 20. Today was no exception. We spent 20 minutes refusing to leave the comfort of our warm bed. Finally I nudged Ben awake and told him we needed to get up because he had to work in 40 minutes. We spend a few minutes stretching, talking and slowing waking up. The light is turned on and we begin our morning routine. UNTIL we notice the clock. It is 7:14am and we don’t need to be up until 8am. Whoops, Ben set the alarm for 6:50am instead of 8am. At this point I’m far too awake and here I am, working on homework before 8am. 

Good times…. good times… 
Oh, and where is Ben? Sleeping… haha


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