SF Student Teaching Application

I received a phone call today from the woman who is making the Student Teaching arrangements. I have to fill out some additional paperwork. I now am in the process of filling out fourteen questions that will convince them to find a placement for me. Talk about pressure! The questions are not easy and I have to complete them tonight so I can turn them in tomorrow to keep this process rolling. Even though I’m doing my part to get everything in as quickly as possible I found out today they won’t make any decisions until early December. My chances are good but this causes quite the wrench in our plans. Ben is heading to Sioux Falls on November 12th to sign a lease and we won’t know if we are going to be actually living there until December. We have to continue with our plans even though we aren’t exactly sure what will happen. The woman assured me that everything looks good but she also said they can’t make any promises and something could change. I know everything will work out yet I am worried. This will be a good lesson in patience. Wish us luck… 

We are now under the 2-month mark until our expected moving date. Our spare bedroom has a collection of boxes and empty totes. The packing process will begin this weekend. Ben works all weekend so I’ll be home working on homework and packing.


One thought on “SF Student Teaching Application

  1. This makes me excited and sad at the same time 🙂 Even though I'm sad you'll be moving further away we will definitely be praying that God blesses your move and gives you peace about the unknown. I wish I was there to help you pack! That's definitely my least favorite part of moving, lolLove you guys!

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