Wedding Details

I wasn’t sure where to start with this post-wedding blog so I figured I’d start with something I”m familiar with, writing about the wedding!

Here are the details of our wedding, in no particular order!

I made this board to put our place cards on.

Eric’s gift: Xbox Live points and beef jerky that Ben made

Justin’s Gift: Flask and beef jerky

The rest of the guys got a water bottle and beef jerky

The lanterns we hung above the head table. Inside were battery powered candles.

Our table markers made with pictures taken by Cheyenne!

The back of the table marker had a question about us with the answer in the inside.

Pinwheels for the kids found on the kid’s table and bubble were used after the ceremony.

All the gifts for the kids and bridesmaids.

The ladies got Lemongrass goodies: body polish, lotion and chapstick and homemade bracelets made with the help of Raena.

The kids got bubbles, Play-Doh, juice box, fruit snacks, a bag with their name on it and the girls got a bracelet and the boys got a keychain.

The assembly line.

The programs.

Raena and I did some damage at a craft store!
We spent an evening putting together all the bracelets.

The finished product!

I ordered these napkins on ebay and LOVE them!

The five pound bag of Andes mints that found themselves scattered throughout the reception.

There are many more photos to be shared from our big day. I’m getting a photo CD of most of the pictures soon so I’ll be putting things up in the next few weeks as I get them all organized! Until then keep checking for random posts about our lives as newly weds! 🙂

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