We are in…


Many of you guessed the correct state at one point or another.
1. Aunty Jodi and Uncle Steve
2. Uncle Tom
3. Tommy and Sandy
4. Aunt Addi
5. Aunty Lisa

We did not go to Canada, even though I feel like we are since their flags can be seen EVERYWHERE!

So the winner is…

AUNTY LISA with her guess, “will go with Grand Ely Lodge in Ely Minnesota.”

Runner up is Tommy and Sandy because they were the first to guess the city we are honeymooning, “in Ely MN, near boundry waters.”

The Grand Ely Lodge in Ely Minnesota is the perfect location for us! Beautiful sights, filled with outdoorsy activities and many awesome local shops and cafes. The resort itself is beautiful with the most amazing restaurant located inside (we’ve eaten there 3 times!!). We are pretty wiped out today. I think the lack of sleep we both encountered over the last two weeks has finally caught up with us. I slept for about three hours this afternoon and Ben is going on hour two. We needed to catch up on sleep and we figured our honeymoon was as good of time as any!

Keep checking the blog for updates on our honeymoon and post-wedding things, including pictures!

Thanks for playing the honeymoon game! Aunty Lisa, Tommy & Sandy – keep your eyes open for a prize being sent your way in about a week! 🙂

Love you all!
Mr. and Mrs. H

8 thoughts on “We are in…

  1. Congrats to the winner~Aunty Lisa 🙂 Also, congrats to the runners-up~Tommy and Sandy :)That was FUN!! Thanks Jessica and Ben for the adventure!

  2. Well, Uncle Jake knew on Monday when I said I thought you were in MN but never told me anything until tonight that he knew where you were from your first clues!!! THAT MAN!! Well have fun kids…that area is beautiful hopefully you'll be able to see a moose in real life. Have fun finding those caches!! Love ya

  3. Glad you had a good time and could also catch up on your sleep. Can't wait to see pictures. I'll be sending you a CD with the wedding pictures I took in case you want any of mine. Happy Scrapbooking when you get back. Love to both.

  4. i thought it was minnesota from the comment about the canoes and that minnesota is known for having a lot of lakes i didnt know however where in minnesota you where or that there was a game to guess. oh wellhave fun

  5. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You wouldn't believe what I went through to guess that…LOL took me about an hour and a half… Glad you's had a wonderful time…better times still coming :)Love ya's

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