The LAST Clues!

We’ve decided we’ve agitated you all enough and we will be telling you where we are… tomorrow!

We will say this, someone has found us! They know EXACTLY where we are!

Here are a few more clues:
1. We were 2 feet away from 6 wolves today.
2. We are in the hometown of a famous conservationist. (one of the reasons Ben choose this place!)
3. We found our first two geocaches. Our username at is Journey612 but I’m not sure if that will help you find us. We are new to this after all!

Check back in tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL!!

4 thoughts on “The LAST Clues!

  1. Okay young Geocachers…I believe you can only enter your username and password…so that is not going to help us..silly! Glad to hear you found some caches though. UMMM! Can't wait to hear where you are at on the BIG honeymoon!

  2. CRAP!!! Thought I would check before I went to work….was hoping the revealing would of been done early. LOL (like you shouldn't be sleeping in) Can't wait to find out

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