1 DAY!


It is 12:03am and if I don’t write now I never will.

Today is our last day as “single” folk!

It is also a very busy day!!
We have lots to do today but alot of help so I’m confident everything will get done.

Our day starts off bright and early with everyone meeting at our apartment at 9am. Some will stay at my place working on flowers, some will go to the reception location and work on making everything look amazing, the guys will get their tuxes, and everyone is hoping to get some cliff jumping in!

Then we are off to the rehearsal at 5pm then rehearsal dinner at 6pm. Then I say goodbye to my dearest love and head to the hotel for a girls night! I get to spend the night before my wedding with my future sisters and best friends.

I’m planning on putting up lots of pictures of all the little details of our wedding that I have been hiding from you all so the blog isn’t over when our wedding is over so keep checking in! 🙂

I’m not sure I’ll be able to get on again before I’M MARRIED so this is Jessica Walk signing out!

One thought on “1 DAY!

  1. OMG.. I can't believe how the time flew by and the wedding is tomorrow. Let the festivities begin. Everything will be perfect this weekend as alot of preperation and love went into this wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hanneck tomorrow afternoon.:)

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