The wedding weekend has begun!!

In 30 minutes I’ll be meeting with the Pastor from Redeemer to pick up the keys.

At 11:30am I’m getting a manicure. Wish me luck! I’ve never had one before and I’m a little nervous. I’m hoping they turn out awesome and stay nice through the wedding.

I have my last staff meeting as a “single” gal from 2-4pm and then it is time to boogey.

My parents will be arriving in a few hours and after my staff meeting I will be cleaning the apartment (we are having quite a few people staying at our place throughout the weekend) and then we will be packing stuff up and bringing what we can to the different locations to free up my apartment a bit!

So many people have worked so hard for us to get to this point and I’m so ready to get this weekend started!!

Love you all!

5 thoughts on “2 DAYS 2 DAYS!

  1. Hey Jessica and Ben, We are soo excited for your big event we showed up a day early…LOL We are having lots of fun here at that the Days Inn! We've been swimming, checked out the hotel and now on line! Can't wait until tomorrow at 5pm..got lots of kleenex boxes ready?? LOL Lots of Love and we are sooo proud of the two of you! See ya soon!! The Vieths

  2. I posted one a couple of days ago but it isn't listed. Have fun getting your manicure. It's worth a few minutes just to relax and let someone else do the job.Can't wait to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle.Love,Aunty Jodi

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