Can you believe it?
It feels like just yesterday that we were at 100 days and here we are at 10!

The last time I wrote here was our to do list. I’ve since updated it! 🙂
* Writing out Thank Yous DONE
* Meeting with our vendors one final time ALMOST DONE (one last meeting with the DJ)
* Finalizing music selections and reception schedule DONE
* Putting together ceremony programs DONE
* Checking in with the last people who haven’t sent in their RSVP DONE (as done as I think we’ll be)
* Working on paperwork for name changes, joint bank accounts, etc. A WORK IN PROGRESS

Looking ahead our to do list is MUCH smaller. I’m no longer the least bit stressed and it feels so wonderful. I’m truly going to sit back and enjoy the next 10 days. We still have plenty to do but I’m passed the point of worrying about anything. This is such a special time in our lives and I love where we are at.

The past two weekends have been a blessing to us. We got to spend a weekend with my family while seeing my best friend Ashely and this past weekend we spent time with Ben’s family and I got to see my other best friend, Lauren. It was so wonderful spending some time with family and friends and the next time we see them it will be for our wedding!

Here is a behind the scenes look at our lives in the last two weeks.

We started our first garden!
We are growing cucumbers, carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas, acorn squash, tomatoes and peppers. We are also taking part in the community garden (I’m the co-chair!) and there are MANY more glorious things in that part of the garden too!
We had quite the rain storm yesterday and Ben and I were running around trying to take in our plants and little peppers who aren’t strong enough to be planted yet. Of course Ben had to try out his new rain gear! He stood out in the rain for a few minutes and came in as dry as could be!
On our drive back home this past weekend we stopped at a little roadside park with stairs leading to a gorgeous beach. We explored the beach and then walked through the water and played on all these rocks!
We also checked out this cool waterfall. We always see it on our trip and this time Ben stopped so we could get a good look at it!


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