Bachelorette Party!

Last Saturday evening my best friends, Ashely and Lauren threw a Bachelorette Party for me at Applebee’s in my hometown.

It wasn’t anything huge – just the way I wanted it!
It was the three of us, Ben’s youngest sister and Tia, my brother’s girlfriend.
We played a few games, had a few drinks, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed some scandalous moments! 😉
Ben’s family had to head out of town late Saturday night so we headed back early and crashed Ben’s bachelor party. We all spent some time together enjoying one another’s company before Lauren and I went to bed. Ben’s best man, Eric, my brother, Justin, and Ben spent a few hours playing video games as a fun end to a wonderful bachelor party!
I won’t share many pictures of my fun night but here is a glimpse..
Lauren made party bags for all of us!
The party bags were filled with goodies!
Check out all the fun candy! Read each bag! 🙂
What a cute idea!
A big thanks to Lauren and Ashely for planning this! I had such a wonderful time and I’m so thankful to have such amazing friends!!


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