48 Days and Counting!

My school to do list is down to two items:
1. Presentation on Wednesday

2. Exam on Thursday
My Community Adviser to do list is growing smaller each day as everything is wrapped up this upcoming Sunday.
I will continue to be a CA throughout the summer but the work load is WAY less and the job will be all around more enjoyable.
Fortunately, I was able to get a job for the summer and will be working a desk job similar to the one I have now. Unfortunately, the job starts in June. I did pick up a little janitor job for the summer that starts May 1st but that isn’t a whole lot of pay – at all.
What does all this mean?
I have NO excuse for not emerging myself in all things wedding related. I relaxed a lot this weekend but now it is time to boogie! Or wedding is 48 days away so I need to get my butt moving.
Here is a glimpse of my Saturday Weekend Visitors! 🙂
Noah (usher) and my mom playing on Webkinz.

Ring bearers: Logan (left) and Jonah (right)
Here is what I’ve been working on!


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