2 Months!!

We are down to the final weeks!!

Unfortunately I don’t have any new photos to share.
The Reasons:
1. We’ve been concentrating on gifts for everyone in our bridal party and we can’t share what we got them!
2. I’ve been doing checking off some of the “boring” things off our to do list like making little appointments for various things like setting up a hair appointment for the morning of our wedding and making sure all my BMs and GMs have everything in order.
3. We have only 7 days left of classes so as the semester gets busier – we spend less time on wedding stuff.
BUT the good news is in 2 weeks we will be finishing up the school year! My final day is April 29th! YEAH!
This weekend is a BIG one for us!!
Here is a run down of our weekend in my hometown.
Friday: Ben’s family and our best friends, Lauren and Eric are coming up and we are having dinner at my parents.
12pm: My Bridal Shower
6:30pm: Spa Party at my Aunt’s
8:30pm: Bachelorette Party
And Ben is having a man night on Saturday. Eric, Ben’s best friend, is planning something to celebrate Ben’s bachelorhood. I believe the night starts off with all the guys and then the 21 year-olds are heading out.
Church with everyone then
My Maid of Honor’s, Ashely, bridal shower!!
What a fun weekend!
See you all in 2 months!

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