3 Months to Go

Time sure is flying now!

Spring Break was last week. Ben and I spent half the week with his family and the other half with mine. I was able to get help from Ben’s youngest sister, Raena, in a special project. And in the process I learned a new craft! 🙂 But that is all I can tell you about that.
My mom and little cousin, Mikayla, helped me out during Spring Break too. Thanks to them we were able to get the favors about 70% done! They were a HUGE help!
I really concentrated on the kids during Spring Break. I want to make this day special for all the amazing kids in our lives!
A few questions I had to answer:
1. What to have at the kids table?
2. How we can entertain kids at every age level?
3. Are there a few fun (and easy!) craft projects that I can make for them?
4. What can we get for the kids in our bridal party?
I was able to answer all of these questions! After figuring out the details, Ben, Raena and I did a little shopping and we picked up a few items to get me started on the kid details.
Now that I have that figured out:
1. We went to the post office and got our invitations weighed and bought all the postage stamps that we need. I’m putting all the stamps on the envelopes and sealing them shut TODAY! Those will go out soon.
2. I made a kids activity book and I am in the process of finishing those up this weekend.
3. The table markers have been sitting in a box just waiting to be worked on so those are on my to do list this weekend too!
What has Ben been doing?
He has been such a BIG help during the planning process. If I am doing crafty things, even though he won’t be able to help (I’m too fussy haha) he’ll sit next to me while I work on things. He is always asking me what he can do to help and wants a part in all the decision making. He has sat through numerous “boring” meetings with the florist, photographer, etc. He has been working on a few things of his own though.
1. He booked the honeymoon!! I have no idea where we are going but I do know we are driving and it will be mid 70s! Sounds good to me! I can’t wait to see what he has planned.
2. Ben picked out the tuxes without my help and now he is in charge of getting all the measurements needed and getting that information to the shop we are getting the tuxes from.
3. He has been helping me with the table markers too!
No pictures this post but I’ll try to get a few for the next one! 🙂
See you all in less than three months!

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