4 Months!

Four months left until our wedding! The months are truly flying by which means we have been very busy!

Ben and two of our groomsmen picked out the tux style this afternoon. Now the rest of the guys have to get measured and then we are all set! Feels good to cross off another big item. I was not able to make it to the appointment with them but I trust that what they choose will be great! I believe Ben said something about lime green tuxes…. haha

Our DJ is booked and paid for in full! Another big item completed! Want to check them out? You can at http://digneitbrothersproductions.com. And we got a discount just because I chatted with them at a bridal show. Yeah!

We are finishing up our Target registry tomorrow morning and our Kohl’s one has been done for months now. This isn’t Ben’s favorite part.. but he’s been a great sport plus he likes being in control of the scanner.

Rehearsal Dinner and Day After Brunch
We have figured out almost all of the details as of last weekend. We just needed a place to hold both and we found a FREE location last weekend! 🙂

Reception Decorations
We ordered all of the decorations for our reception and they should all be here soon.

So many things are finally falling into place and I couldn’t be happier.

And now for some pictures….

My work station for embossing the invitation inserts.
The inserts are all printed and cut, now I am finishing them.

Most of these are done, finishing them up this weekend!

All the pieces of the invitations waiting patiently to be assembled.

We are putting out Andes Candies on the tables.
5lbs of chocolate is currently sitting in my fridge.
They came in the mail today.
What a great 4-month gift!

A mock table layout.
The fabric used here was some scraps from another project (see below).
Our table markers aren’t done yet but you can get a good idea of what they look like.
The Andes are going to be down the middle of the fabric.

I got a chance to try out the sewing machine I got from the moms at my bridal shower.
I love it!!
I made a pillow case for Ben’s knee pillow he got for Christmas! 🙂


3 thoughts on “4 Months!

  1. Jessica, you are the MOST organized bride I've ever seen – doing all that while going to school full time – what an amazing woman! Wedding will be extra special with all the time and talent you've put into it – can't wait for the day – Marilyn

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