Bridal Shower #1

A Bridal Shower
marks a very special time
in the lives of those in love.
It’s enjoying
happy moments
with friends and family,
sharing the anticipation
of a beautiful future –
celebrating love!

Ben’s aunts, Julie and Addi threw me a bridal shower over Christmas break. I was a little nervous about having to open gifts in front of everyone but that was all forgotten the moment I walked into the house. I had so much fun during the shower. Celebrating our upcoming wedding with family and friends was so wonderful.

Here is a look at some of the fun we had:

Checking out the yummy food.
That’s our flower girl in front of me, Ms. Lydia!

The beautiful cake Aunty Ju made.

Then I had to cut the beautiful cake. 😦

The Games!
1. Why Do We Do That: Matching different customs to the reason why we do them.
2. 50 Years Later: We matched pictures of a couple on their wedding day and then 50 years later.
3. Ben and I answered 20 questions and the guests had to try and guess what our answers.

Playing games.

Starting to open gifts.

Checking out the blender!

Ben’s family (Mom, Grandma, Aunt)

I got a sewing machine from my mom and Ben’s mom!
I was just a tad bit excited!

And sewing accessories from Ben’s sisters.

Lauren and Addie got me cookie cutters and cookie decorating items.
Lauren also wrote out a few of her favorite cookie recipes.

Alyssa started my rehearsal bouquet.
I get to add to it in April.
The biggest surprise of the night came when Aunty Ju
game me Thank You cards that were addressed
and stamped. What a great idea!
Here is a glimpse at the gifts I received.
Thanks to all who attended!

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