Christmas Break?

Christmas Break is a time to relax, but not for us!! I have decided to rename Christmas Break to Wedding Catch-Up!

We have registered somewhere else!
Ben and I have always talked about registering at Target but after researching it a bit I wasn’t too happy with their return policy. Well they have recently changed their policy so last week Ben and I registered there! Kohl’s is great for their bedroom/bathroom/kitchen selections but not much else. At Target we can find a lot of other things that is on our “wish list.”

The Wedding To Do List:
Put together invitations… check
Design invitation inserts… 3/4 are done!
Design, cut and mount monogram for invitations… check
Design table markers… check
Design program cover… check
Wedding favor design… check

Still on the list for the next 2.5 weeks:
Pick up my wedding dress
Keep plugging away at invitations
Start making the table markers
Bridesmaid dress shopping with 4/5 bridesmaids
1/2 Bridal showers! Yeah!
2/4 premarital counseling class

I am never bored that is for sure! This whole process has been a blast so far and this next week is going to be so much fun! It will be a busy one filled with family and fun activities so I wanted to touch base quickly on the blog because I’m not sure when I’ll be on next. 🙂

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