Blizzards, Invitations and Cutting, Oh my!

This is what I woke up to on what was suppose to be my last final of the semester.
This is my window!
I had to walk through this numerous times and some is past my knee!
Today, December 9th is our first snow day!
The only thing to do on a day like this? Get back into my PJs, throw in a movie, and work on a wedding project. Since invitations are going to probably take the most time, I’ve decided to get a head start. So far I have scored and folded all of them and am now in the process of cutting them and taping them together. The perfect project for a Snow Day? I think so! 🙂
Just after scoring and folding the invitations.
About 60% of them all ready for the next step!
Before & After cutting
All taped up!
The bottom is a pocket for all the reception and hotel information.
The middle is for the ceremony details.
The top is the fold that lays on top.
Now all I have to do is cut all of the invitations and tape them together!
Happy Snow Day!

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