Reception Site Inspection

The buffet and bar area.

Part of the reception area with a deck on the left side and the dance floor in the back.

Rest of the reception area with the gigantic wood beam that we will have
to find a way to work around. The head table is closest to the right.

Buffet Table: two lines and it takes around 25 minutes to get 150 people through.

Area behind the bar/buffet area for socializing.

Head Table: set for 18! Yikes!

There were four TVs around the room to use during the reception.

Ben and I went to our local ski resort, Marquette Mountain as a possible location for our reception. It was recommended by my co-worker because he had a great experience there when they got married. Overall, we were happy with it. There were a few issues that kind of bothered us but we’ll work with it if needed be. There were two big wooden beams that made it difficult for everyone to see the head table. Also the chairs were quite small and plastic. They don’t look very comfortable especially for the guests who may remain seated for most of the evening.

Some things we liked: we don’t have to clean up! He will package everything up for us and we can pick it up on Monday. All we have to worry about is taking the gifts and the left-over food. In most cases we should be able to decorate the day before. So far only one date is chosen for the months of May and June which leaves a lot of options open. We can be penciled in for a date until we decide for sure if this is where we are going to hold the reception which is also a great option.

Overall, the guy who helped us was very accommodating. He made us feel that whatever we wanted to do he would find a way to make it work. He does alot of the work himself: cooks, set-up, take-down and helps us out during the decorating. We are going to do a little more researching and we’ll let you all know soon what we decide!


3 thoughts on “Reception Site Inspection

  1. I like the big windows! Hey, it's your wedding – have the reception where you want and we'll all come 🙂 I'm looking forward to penciling in a date too :)-Eryn

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