Scene 2: Two most important questions of our lives!

A few weeks after we met Ben, his roommate and I went to a local “hotspot” called Little Presque Isle. We walked through Lake Superior to get to this island where the boys went cliff jumping. It was on the way back through the lake when I realized how much I liked Ben. I slipped on the rocks and Ben touched my back to balance me – needless to say I was filled with butterflies! It was this trip were Ben realized he liked me too! A few weeks passed and Ben asked me to be his girlfriend! Of course I said, yes! This question was such an important one but it doesn’t top….

Ben lived in Marquette this summer and I had to come up for the night to take an education exam at NMU. The night started off by hanging out in his room listening to music, I remember Ben playing this “great new song” with the line”I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night.” Little did I know how good the night was going to be. Ben took me to HotPlate where we painted a mug and plate. Then out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Aubree’s. Then we drove out to Little Presque Isle, “our spot.” We explored a new part of the island and then I mentioned I was getting cold. We continued walking down the beach when all of a sudden Ben let go of my hand and stopped. When I turned around he was down on one knee sinking into the sand. He proposed with a ring box that he made out of the same material he used to make my jewlery box. After a few tears Ben asked me to marry him. More tears were shed all around and then I said yes! We spent some time together and watched the sunset at Presque Isle and then made a lot of phone calls to share the wonderful news! Now the fun of planning has begun!


7 thoughts on “Scene 2: Two most important questions of our lives!

  1. i remember that box ben told me this story about how hard it was to make those boxes because of the type of wood that he used they are very well made(though i didn't know at the time that the small one was going to be used at all let alone the use that ben used it for)

  2. Yay! I love hearing that story :)p.s. I think you meant to write "scene 2" not "scent 2" 🙂 I know it was probably just because you were so overwhelmed thinking about the big, romantic story you had to tell :)Lauren

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