Scene 1: The Meeting

I thought it would be fun to go into a bit of “our history,” starting with how we met! I met Ben through his roommate. We were in a cluster of classes with the same classmates. There were about 15 of us who had every class together. We would all spend time together outside of class so when Ben’s roommate told me he was going to be selling grilled cheese (a fundraiser) with his roommate I told him I’d stop by and visit them. He had been talking about his roommate, Ben, and how much he loved to watch the Tigers and eating oreos with peanut butter so I was interested to finally meet him. So my friend from high school and I wandered over to see the boys and to meet Ben. We planned on hanging out for a bit and keeping the boys company but that all changed!

My friend, Matt, and I each bought a grilled cheese from Ben’s roommate. Then he introduced me to Ben. Ben was in charge of flipping the grilled cheese and he took about two seconds to look up and say hi. That’s it! I was instantly left speechless (for anyone who knows me this is difficult to do). I got all tongue tied because Ben was so different then what I was expecting. The first thing I noticed was his pierced ears. What a surprise! Matt realized how nervous I got and made the move to say goodbye and walk away. So even though we planned on staying for awhile I had to leave. The whole way back to my dorm room we talked about Ben.

A few days later I received some treats from a family friend at home (Pat Wirtala) and I brought some over to Ben and his roommate. Instantly Ben and I struck up a conversation and it wasn’t long until we found something we had in common, High School Stage Crew. We both could be found behind the scenes in our High School Plays. Ben did Peter Pan and I did West Side Story, South Pacific and Brigadoon. He then introduced me to peanut butter and oreos and the story only continues from there. We found ourselves spending every day together and staying up til 4am for numerous days in a row in order to be with each other.


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